HONDA HRJ196 Lawnmower

Honda 19” Push Mower. A lightweight mower featuring a sleek, rust-proof alloy deck with 19” cutting width.


The HRJ196 is lightweight and easy to push, featuring a sleek, rust-proof alloy deck with 19” cutting width. With hard-wearing PVC tyres and high strength polyethylene hubs, the Buffalo Classic has been tried and tested.


With an integrated snorkel to assist the air filter, the HRJ196 Mulch & Catch is well prepared for hot and dry conditions in the heat of summer. The polypropylene, snap-on fitting for the wash port means that once the job is done, you can wash the underside of your mower without getting wet. This model features Honda’s Mow-Safe Technology™ in the form of an Engine Brake, which is designed with the safety of the operator and passers-by in mind. With a release of the Engine Brake, the blades and the engine will both stop within three seconds, keeping everyone safe.


It has a powerful, long-lasting 5.5 horsepower-class engine with cast-iron bore in the form of a GXV160. With decades of engine technology advancements to draw from, Honda is the world’s largest small engine manufacturer, so you know you’re in good hands.

Of course, like all Honda lawnmowers the HRJ196 features the 'first time every time' easy-start system. The pull cord is attached to the upper handles, so you don’t have to bend all the way over to start the mower.And like all Honda engines, the GXV160 runs on regular unleaded petrol, so there’s no need for multiple fuel cans in the garage or mixing oil. 

The Advanced Four-Stroke Technology has less emissions and its economical on fuel so it's good for you and the environment.

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